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Uldaman is located in the Badlands south of Loch Modan. There are two entrances to the instance. One is just west of the entryway into Badlands from Loch Modan. The second entrance, also known as the backdoor, is in the east about 2/3 of the way up the zone. There is a cave on the map indicating its location.

The front entrance has a large cave complex leading to the instance entrance. The backdoor has a short cave leading to the instance entrance and can be run through to gain entry.


The levels listed before the quest are the level at which the quest can be obtained (level of the quest).


35 (40) Power in Uldaman - This is a Mage class quest that is obtained from Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh (about /tloc 46,58). The Obsidian Power Source is obtained from the Obsidian Sentinel located very close to the back entrance to Uldaman.


31 (38) Agmond's Fate - This quest is obtained from Prospector Ironband in Loch Modan. There are various short urns around the cave area prior to entering the instance. This quest is best done at the same time as Power Stones. The quest reward is the Prospector Gloves, 8 Agi, 7 Int leather gloves.

35 (40) The Lost Dwarves - This quest is obtained from Prospector Stormpike in Ironforge. The goal is to find the Dwarf Baelog inside of the Uldaman instance. This quest leads to The Hidden Chamber quest.

36 (40) The Hidden Chamber This quest is obtained from Baelog and is a follow on to The Lost Dwarves. This quest has you reporting back to Prospector Stormpike int he Explorer's League section of Ironforge.

37 (40) Amulet of Secrets - This quest is the third in a series. This step is obtained from Hammertoe Grez prior to the Uldaman instance. The original quest, A Sign of Hope, is obtained from the Crumpled Map world spawn in the Badlands (/tloc 53, 34).

38 (42) Uldaman Reagent Run - This quest is obtained from Ghak Healtouch in Thelsamar in Loch Modan. It is the second in Ghak's series of quests. The needed items are obtained from Magenta Cap Clusters spread around Uldaman. The reward for the quest is a stack of five Restorative Elixir. This also leads to Badlands Reagent Run II for alchemists of the appropriate skill. This results in the recipe for Restorative Elixir.

(39) 43 Find the Gems - This quest starts at the Remains of a Paladin inside the Uldaman instance. It ends by using a scrying bowl obtained from Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge. Completion of this quest leads to the Restoring the Necklace quest.

33 (43) Reclaimed Treasures - This quest is obtained from Krom Stoutarm in the The Library of the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge.

39 (44) Restoring the Necklace - This is the follow-on to the Find the Gems quest. The necklace required to complete the quest is a drop from Archaedas.

41 (45) The Lost Tablets of Will - This quest starts at Advisor Belgrum in the Hall of Explorers section of Ironforge. The reward for the quest is the Medal of Courage. (Note: requires completion of the Passing Word of a Threat quest line, which itself requires completion of the Amulet of Secrets line, listed above.)

40 (47) The Platinum Discs is a quest found after defeating Archaedas. They are located inside the treasure room.


37 (41) Necklace Recovery - From Orgrimmar - Dran Droffers
Return the Shattered Necklace. 1450-2450 XP

37 (41) Necklace Recovery, Take 2 - From Orgrimmar - Dran Droffers
Find the corpse of a Paladin in Uldaman. 250-2450 XP
Prereq: Necklace Recovery

37 (41) Necklace Recovery, Take 3 - From Orgrimmar - Dran Droffers
Return to Jarkal Mossmeld in Badlands. - Jarkal's Enchanted Necklace.
Prereq: Necklace Recovery, Take 2

38 (42) Uldaman Reagent Run - From Badlands - Kargath - Jarkal Mossmeld
Fetch 12 Fungus Caps from Uld. 2750-3450 XP
Prereq: Badlands Reagent Run

43 Reclaimed Treasures From UC- Trade Section - Patrick Garrett ( next to Bat handler)
Get the Garrett Family Treasure from a big chest in the South Common Hall.

44 Find the Gems and Power Source - From Badlands - Kargath - Jarkal Mossmeld
Recover all three gems and a power source for the necklace from Uldaman. 3750 XP


31 (35) Indurium - This quest is obtained from Martek the Exiled in central Badlands (around /tloc 42,54). This quest may require Martek the Exiled to be completed first. Martek the Exiled is obtained from Fizzle Brassbolts in the Shimmering Flats.

31 (36) Power Stones - This quest is obtained from Rigglefuzz in the Badlands (around /tloc 42, 53)

31 (40) Solution to Doom - This quest is obtained from Theldurin the Lost in south-central Badlands. The quest reward is a junk robe that sells for 43s 24c.

Boss list

Digmaster Shovelphlange - 38+ Elite Humanoid

Revelosh - 40 Elite

  • Revelosh's Armguards of XXX
  • Revelosh's Boots of XXX
  • Revelosh's Gloves of XXX
  • Revelosh's Spaulders of XXX

Baelog - 41 Elite

Obsidian Sentinel - 42 Elite

Ancient Stone Keeper - 44 Elite

Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain> - 45 Elite

Annora - 54 Master Enchanter

  • Enchanting recipes and Artisan skill trainer

Archaedas - 500 Elite

Item list

There are a variety of drops that have random enchantments in Uldaman. Good luck in getting what you want!







  • Archaedic Stone of the XXX - Finger, 50 armor and 2 random stat bonuses of 8-9 each
  • Beacon of Hope - HiH, BoE, +4 Spirit, Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 20.
  • Energy Cloak - 28 Armor, +10 Spirit, Use: Restores 375 to 425 mana.


Uldaman backdoor boss run. There's a couple of things in life that, occasionally, feel really good when done fast and from behind. Killing the Uldaman boss is one of them.

First to find the backdoor. It is a cave up a mountainside in the Badlands, somewhat East of centre of the place. The mountainside and tunnel entrance are facing West. You can recognise it by the troggs that are around, rather than the panthers and buzzards. Kill the troggs, move into the instance.

The instance is a confusing place with troggs, dwarfs, bats and the occasional batch of scorpions. Kill them all, the big server in the sky will sort them out. Don't let the scorpion batches scare you: they are not elite. You need to move generally North first, then generally East. Identify the Uldaman boss place on your minimap: it is a circular cavern, with a 'u' made up of square corridors around it.

Just before the entrance to the boss place is a jumbly cavern with lots of dorfs that have a tendency to chain-aggro. Pull them carefully and do not let them run. Well, erm, don't let mistakes dissapoint you... Resurrect your party, kill the remaining patch of dorfs and you are ready to work your way down to the Uldaman boss, Mr Archeadas.

It is quite simple: you have to work your way down through the corridors and circular caverns. There is only one way to go so no chance of getting lost here. First, you will encounter groups of mobs that consist of one big stone guardian, a couple of smaller melee, and one or two white small healing buggers. Get the white small healing buggers first. The groups will get larger as you work down.

After the top set of corridors you will come to a circular place with an altar in the middle and four nervous stone guardians around it. You need three people to activate the altar, after which the stone guardians will come alive one by one. They are straightforward melee, but do a burst of AoE damage when they die. Squishies may want to move away at the end of the fights so that healers don't need to spend much mana on healing non-melee group members.

You can now move into the bottom set of corridors for some more groups of mobs.

The lower circular cavern is where you find Archaedes, boss of Uldaman, another four stone guardians, and lots of fat clay elemental buggers in a circle on the wall. They are all asleep at the moment. Archeadas can be hard to recognise because he looks just like a stone guardian. By sure to identify him by the red rose he wears on his tuxedo.

The Archaedas fight is as follows. You activate another altar with three people. Archaedas will come alive and will start shouting to wake up the other mobs one by one. You need to focus on the boss; all of the other mobs will disappear once he dies. A tank has to grab firm aggro on Archaedas (if you bring a pally, tank aggro is solidly established if you let him heal himself first before the group healer kicks in). The rest of the group ought to focus on inflicting maximal pain on Archaedas. All except one - preferably a hunter, because of the pet. This one group member keeps the mobs busy that get woken up.

With enough firepower, Archaedes falls before too many mobs get woken up. He drops a niceish random stat ring and one other rare thingy. In the back is a room with a chest with three greens, and a quest that gives you a DvD with a history of the world. -Rana

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